Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Are humans like wine?

Been reading my blogs from the past and came across one particular post. 3 years 1 week ago, because of my tender age, I was passed over for a particular post in Singapore. The reason (not cited to me, I was not supposed to know that my name was even mentioned) was simply because of my age. That got me thinking... no matter what capabilities you possess or what you have achieved, discriminatory factors like traditions, cultures and personal perceptions have alot of influences in our daily lives. In my case, it was my age.

Are humans like wine so that the older we are the better we are supposed to be or are we like wine so white goes better with fish and red goes better with meat?

3 years on I think I finally have the answer. Humans are wine. Most grow wiser with age (others just get more forgetful) and exudes a level of charm that youth cannot sustain. People bloom in their most comfortable environment like white wine washing down the seafood.

But how come there are still so many bottles of wine left on the shelves? Its simply because they look too good (looks expensive to maintain) or too terrible (poorly dressed) that no one have yet to bother to open them up and take a sniff. For all the single people out there, there might be a poorly packaged or overly packaged bottle of wine out there waiting for you to discover...

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