Sunday, July 27, 2008

Getting bad feelings...

More terrorists threat in China. The headlines are splashed with possible attacks in HK. Keep away from Shatin. Going to China next Tuesday. Where is safe? Nowhere. Have to go Shenzhen for work coming Tuesday. Mental note not to take any public transports, book company car on Monday.

Possibility that the terrorist threat was a ploy by the mainland authorities to justify their strong stance. It might be a triple-play. I don't believe nothing the media nor the government is saying now. The beating of the HK reporters in Beijing might have been an act by TVB and Bocog to show foreign reporters that you will still be beaten up. Yes they will apologize after the incident but you will get beaten up. That will stop alot of foreign reporters from taking extra pictures. End of the day? "Crowd too big. We're sorry. Give us the Olympics again and we will do better!" Complain complain complain. All these journalists can complain all they want. Nothing they can do except whine. All these journalists who cry about not getting the freedom to report... why not just jump into Iraq now and report on the life of a common Iraqi or Afghanistan? I would like to see that~ I'm not interested in the Olympics~

Hoping to catch the Dark Knight tonight. Probably Mummy 3 this coming weekend and Get Smart next. Love the summer for the selection of movies on offer. Hate the summer for the school-going crowd. Swam for a good 2 hours last night. Soaked more than swam. Going to the driving range later. Its becoming a weekend routine. Probably a healthy and economic way to spend the weekend...

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