Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Here in Smog City

Took the train to Shenzhen this morning. Feng Huang was no where in sight but the pollution it whipped up managed to cloud my vision from Mong Kok to Lok Ma Chau. Alighted, passed HK customs and crossed the bridge. The smell of China welcomed me. As I approached the Chinese customs I could only see one caucasian and he was figuring how to fill out his immigration card. First time in 12 years I have to write down my visa number on my immigration card. Noticed an immigration counter for Olympic participants which was empty. Don't think many participants will make the way in from HK, take a train to Lok Ma Chau and travel to Beijing on buses.

At the ground floor, gantries were placed just outside the lift lobby. Probably due to the high alert all over the country. After all, our office is located in a bank building. Minor inconvenience. On a good day, the view from the office can reach as far as the horizons. On this day, my horizons are outlines of buildings no further than 1km away. Colourblind or not the whole city is grey.

Walked out for lunch at MacDonald's. The walk was no further than 400m but I couldn't take another 100. The heat, the smell, the UV and the dust. A deadly combination. Mac in Shenzhen cost as much as HK but taste better than HK. Managed to win myself a small Coke in one of the Olympic promotion.

Frankly speaking I don't see any improvements in the environment. Here for 3 years, pollution is at its worst ever. HK is all talk and no action. In fact HK is all talk and cannot action. What can the CE do? He cannot and has no power to close down any industries in the Lower Delta region. He can't even handle the maid levy issue properly... Hongkongers are doomed...

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