Thursday, July 24, 2008

*Pant Pant*

What a tiring week... installing a replication software seemed like a good idea at first. The amount of work involved seemed small initially but when problem props up as far as Shanghai and questions from HQ come firing, I wished I never suggested using the software. But now I have a safeguard in place, even if shit hits the fan the warehouse operations will be fully up and running within like.... 5 minutes? Great compared to the last 2 rounds of hardware failure which caused like 1000+ manhours of productivity lost.

Unlike being a lawyer or accountant whereby the rules of the game changes only once every few years, an IT player must always keep up with the game. CRM, SAN, IPv6, DAS, iSCSI, Fibre, T1, Replication, Mirroring, WAN, VAN, Switches, Routers, Firewalls, IP-VPN, MPLS, Exchange, EV, Lotus, Endpoint, Security, WMS, BHT, QR Code, Code39, Japanese Fonts, Traditional Chinese Fonts, Simplified Chinese Fonts... HUH? I lost myself there...

News these days are on the Olympics. What else. No more business visas to be issued in 5 of the 6 Olympic cities. Didn't read the body of the report but I suspect the 6th city will be Hong Kong? I got to visit China next week for work while holding a tourist visa. Hope I don't get sent into a detention centre for using the wrong type of visa... Oh wait~ They are denying visitors even though they have valid visas! So I will just get rejected at the border. It's fine. Just call up the customers and tell them I am sorry they got such efficient officials watching after their Olympics.

After explosion on 2 buses, gas leak in the International Broadcast Center yesterday. I think foreign reporters between go in with their chemo-suits and bulletproof vests if they want to come out of this alive. Which is more dangerous? Reporting in Iraq or Beijing?

And now they allow protests in Beijing during the Olympics. Great. Apply for a permit to protest and we will let you protest. By the way the place is 15-30km away from the main Stadium. I don't even need a permit. I can protest in my hotel room. Or maybe they already have video cameras in all hotel rooms? Hmm....

I need a good break... maybe I should leave office early and watch Wall-E today...

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