Monday, July 21, 2008

Singapore may not suit me after all...

By this time next year I should be in Singapore. That will be 1 month short of 4 years working in HK. Considering I started my working life in this century, that will also mean that I would spent more time working outside of Singapore. And that makes me wonder... "Will I be able to adapt to the pace of life in Singapore?"

Reading blogs after blogs of angry posts by angry Singaporeans, I realize that I may not want to walk on the same land as those losers. They blame the government for inflation, blame the government for NS, blame the government for price increase and blame the government for everything they can point a finger to. Perhaps all these people should live in Cambodia or Thailand. Or even Europe or South Africa. Just go out, find a job in some 1st-3rd world country and stay away from Singapore.

What I cannot stand is the fact that some of those who criticised NS are women. You didn't serve NS so don't complain about it. It's a right reserved for us with the 3rd limb. Is conscription fair? Its not fair, the fairer sex should be involved as well. Is it necessary? Definitely. Who will serve NS if it is not compulsory?

But then again, I cannot blame my fellow Singaporeans. They live in a very small space. Most have only travelled to exotic destinations like Bangkok, Tokyo and HK for shopping sprees and think to themselves that life should be like that. They failed to realise that they spent 1/4 to 1/2 of a month's salary on their 5-day spree. Failed to realise that they cannot live like that for 365 days a year.

Maybe they need a bit more life back in Singapore. HK media serves up a whole buffet of entertainment. From the recent TVB beauty pageant to Tony Leung's wedding in Bhutan. Talking about the beauty pageant, I think they got the top 3 rankings absolutely wrong. You can't have such a girl for the winner! Its just wrong! How can people be so blind to even let some of those girls on stage?

In the end, it turned out that it was all one big conspiracy. Turned out that the winner's father have some dealings with TVB and that helped her in her quest to be ahead of others. So Hongkongers now can add a 3rd item to the list of "Ways to win you the TVB beauty pageant" :

1) Sleep with a very rich old man

2) Date the son of a very rich old man

3) Be the daughter of a very rich old man

Well, TVB Manhunt 2008 should be coming soon. I wonder who they will be sleeping with... hmm...

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