Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summary of... This weekend

Woke up with the problematic neck and a headache. Worst way to start the weekend. Managed to drag my lazy arse to the golf range for a 2-hr session. Super day with the short irons. Crazy direction with the driver. Note to self - New pair of gloves.

Had dinner at the 茶餐厅 downstairs. Suddenly the fire alarm sounded. Fire-engine arrived within 5 minutes. Impressed and not so impressed. The government quarters for the services are right beside us. If anything should happen I'll be delighted to know that they are there.

Woke up early this morning (10:30am early?) to get Mac breakfast. Hate the new system at Mac whereby they take your order and make you wait while they prepare your food. Creates a crowd of people at the counter whereby you cannot separate the ordering queue from the customers who ordered. But you are more or less assured of freshly made hotcakes. Prelude to a storm when I started on my way home. Storm when I started eating. Guess there will be no swimming for this Sunday...

Coming up - Monday. Already written down a list of things to do this week. Hopefully I can turn this week into something more exciting than the previous few weeks. Time crawls when you have nothing to do at work. At times, I feel like a helpdesk... always waiting for something to happen. Note to self - Got to turn that around...

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