Friday, July 25, 2008

Tea and Wall-E

Managed to leave office early yesterday so we had a late afternoon tea session at IFC. It was a beautiful day with clear skies and sunshine. As I looked across towards Kowloon I couldn't resist staring at the big backside of the cruiseship Superstar Virgo. I've never been on one and a 2-nite weekend cruise sounds like the perfect getaway to me. Seems like they only have 1-nite cruise for Friday or Saturday. A-hole... trying to earn as much as possible over a weekend... Fine... I'll just stay home and cry...

Been getting quite a bit of stress. Not sure what its all about. Probably because several projects are running simultaneously. No big problems but many small problems can push my blood pressure up a notch.

Let me see... One new software which is unstable, new e-mail server finally coming together, a system request finally delivered after being postponed for a year... and its not even up to my expectations, and 1 more section making its way into my department. Keeping me busy alright. Just as well. I learnt more things in this past month than the whole of the 1st half of this year.

Watched Wall-E last night. Love between robots - more sincere than human beings. Watching the show I really saw true love on the big screen. The 2 robots were more committed to each other than most humans can ever possibly be. And cute as well~ The show also showed us what the world will become if we don't control the waste. Highly recommended for people of all ages.

Weekend coming. Going for a cocktail party tonight. Some event to welcome the new Dep. Consul-General from Singapore. Might be boring. Might be fun. Oh well...

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