Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend in Summary...

Had a hectic weekend with friends visiting from Singapore. Good food and lots of walking. The highlights :

Friday - Had dinner at Morton's @ Sheraton to celebrate S's increment. Great ambience and great food... not to mention the great price tags. Nothing to complain except the usual level of noise pollution found in most HK eateries. I'm sure people can hear pretty well but somehow they must talk so loudly at restaurants. I'm surprised why my staff cannot even mimic an attempt to talk when I'm having a meeting with them, yet they talk so loudly during lunches together...

Started off with a seafood platter, following by lobster bisque for 2, finishing off with a lamb rack which was darn well prepared. Finishing it all off was the famous molton chocolate dessert~ And of course the Cosmopolitan for 2~

Saturday - Supposed to meet a long-time friend for dinner. Prior to that we made our way down to Mong Kok to take a look at WiiFit. In the end we bought the Japanese model even though we have a US Wii. Bad mistake. Carried that toy with the weight of a 7-year-old home all the way from Mong Kok since the taxi queue was horribly long. Another bad mistake. Cannot imagine the shock on my face when I realised that the Japanese game cannot be played on my US set. In the end set off to meet my friends with a heavy heart.

Met my friend G and her husband at Prudential hotel and they were already drinking their first Guinness for the day. Set off for a Chinese restaurant in Jordan for seafood. After that we made our way down to Lan Kwai Fong to meet their friend. A short dinner turned into a pub-hopping experience in LKF which ended at 2am. I reached home and promptly got down to solving the problem of the unfit WiiFit

Slept at 4am...

Sunday - Woke up at 3pm. Maintained my 11-hour Sunday sleep routine. First thing I did was to find out more on how to resolve my WiiFitless life. Without much progress we set out to meet my friends again. Many misses later we finally managed to meetup at TsimShaTsui, after which we adjourned to Mong Kok.

One tiring Mong Kok trip later, we made our way to Wellcome to top up our supply of V8, tomato juice and Fibe-minis. Upon touchdown I headed back to my quest to get ourselves a WiiFittingly good life... And when all hope nearly became reality, I was greeted by an error. A few more websites later I realised I need a few more updates to my modified system in order to play an original Japanese game on my Wii. F them.

I paid good money for something original and I cannot play it because Nintendo have a stupid system whereby the US sets cannot play Japanese games and Japanese sets cannot play US games! That was the reason why I modified my set and not because of playing pirated games. Now I'm not feeling sorry for them that people resort to playing pirated games! I paid good money and I cannot play my game! Someone should sue them!

All rant aside... I got to burn the updates into a CDR tonight and hopefully get my WiiFit up and running. If not, someone downstairs better watch out because I am going to boycott Nintendo products forever and ever and throw that lousy-piece-of-dump out of the window!

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