Thursday, July 17, 2008

What an F-ed up place...

And when you think the world cannot be filled with anymore dumb people, it comes around and slap you in the face, "Yes I have more dumb people for you!"

What is it with common sense these days? I thought common sense is something which you don't have to teach. Apparently I'm wrong. Schools should start with modules like "How to become a normal human 101". Those who pass this module with flying colors will be exempted from 201 and 301.


This morning I spent 5 minutes in a stupid lift which flew up and down the 48-storey block we reside in. That was quite a piss-me-off. Stepped into the office hoping for at least 1 e-mail from HQ telling me that they have finally done something right. Checking... checking... checking... NOPE~ I sent in a request in July and I still haven't gotten what I wanted... It was a simple change request for an ERP module which I have no access to. I have done my side of the work and I'm still waiting. Did I mention that I sent the request in July 2007? How the F can anyone work properly in this organization?


No e-mails from HQ, 1 e-mail from an idiot from Shenzhen. Send me a shitload of specifications from the customer and his mail body was "Can you give me a schedule for it?" What schedule? I had to read further down to find out the whole tail end of the story. Apparently the customer wants to discuss the collaboration and joint development of a system to support EDI processes. The dumbass could have changed his mail body to something like "Please see below request from the customer for a meeting. Can I know when will you be available to attend the meeting?"

I simply refused to read the whole e-mail and replied:
Usually there will only be a schedule when there is a project/target.
In this case, what kind of a schedule are you talking about?


I guess I am not the kindest soul these days. But the army always taught us that being strict and tough on us was the best welfare for us, so that we will survive in any conflict. Now I am being tough on whoever I feel is not doing a good job. It is the best training for them. I'm not all high and mighty and I'm sure this company employed enough idiots to keep me angry for a long time.

I have no idea why I'm so upset and grumpy these days. I fly into a rage at the smallest hint of stupidity. My tolerance for disrespect is down to -100%. Perhaps I am the real life version of Anakin Skywalker...


*Still Angry*

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