Friday, August 22, 2008

Baby Baby~ Stormy Baby~

Typhoon Nuri will probably hit HK today. Hit. On the dot. Straight on. Probably be a warning signal no.10 tonight. Here's praying that no buildings will collapse. Sme structures and scaffolding have already folded... Probably a signal no.9 or even a 10 tonight. This will be the strongest typhoon ever for me. Luckily we have enough food to tide us through~

Talking about a storm, a small storm unlike the maid levy fiasco nearly blew across Singapore. In the recent National Day Rally by the PM, a range of benefits for new parents were announced. 16-weeks paid leave, week long parenting leave, subsidised IVF treatment and other perks were announced to promote childbirth. Unfortunately they were slated for 1st Jan 2009. That left alot of unhappy pregnant mums out of the equation. And then, like some fairy god mother appeared, before any petition reached the PM's office they revised the date to 17th Aug 2008, the day of the Rally.

If you are a government and you are in control, there's as many as 1001 ways to make your citizens happy, to promote childbirth, to relieve inflation. Cannot say the same of the leaders in HK since they are led around by a leash by the mainland and the mega-corporations... Of course, the government in Singapore don't have to fend off typhoons either~

On a different note, went for a cocktail organised by the American Chamber of Commerce at a club in Lan Kwai Fong. You won't know its there unless you got its address and know its on the 2nd floor since its out of the main ring of LKF. The setup of the club wasn't unlike DBL-O in Singapore but since it was a networking event I think they turned on a few more lights than usual. I guess DBL-O would have looked like that if they had that many lights on...

People from banking, financial, insurance... pretty boring mix if you ask me. Didn't get to know alot of people except 2 HK guys and a French lady. 95% of the women smoked. Super turnoff for alot of guys I know, even people-watching for me was less satisfying when I saw them puffing away. At least we got ourselves great seats to people-watch and chat between ourselves~ Should try to visit a few more clubs whilst I'm still here in HK, listen to different music, admire the decors and people-watch more~

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