Monday, August 25, 2008

Bye Bye Beijing~

2 weeks of sports. Over. Endless hours in front of the blackbox. Over. Back to same old routine of work, eat, serial dramas and sleep. A typhoon next week ain't too bad either.

Great job by the Chinese team, collecting over 50 gold medals. Interesting to note that China did not win anything gold from team sports. Games that require players to pass the ball. I guess it has something to do with the return on investment. One diver can win 1-2 gold medals. 12 basketball players can only win 1. Very smart investment if you ask me.

There's an upcoming documentary on TVB Pearl this Friday called Little Big Dreams. It tells the story of children between 3-10 being sent to boarding schools, hoping to make it as a gymnast. They cried when they won the gold medal, and who can blame them? Just watching a few shots from the trailer was heartbreaking enough for me... Singapore winning a gold? No way... Singaporeans will never let their children go through these type of training...

For me, sports is an evil in itself. Without sports (or exercise), we turn into tired fat monsters. With sports, we get tired and aches all over our body. When Liverpool nearly lost, I cursed and swear at those overpaid stars. When Carraghar scored in the 85th minute, I added "except Carraghar" to the end of my curse. And when Gerrard scored in the 94th minute, I adore sports and think he's disgustingly underpaid!

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