Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gone Typhoon, Get Smart and watch Misia in HK~

Typhoon came aknocking. And I do mean knocking. The rain and wind smashed against the building so hard that the building was swaying from side to side. A 48-storey building swaying, and I stay on the 31st! Was it scary? More motion-sickness inducing than anything. The impact of the gale smashing into the glass windows wss scarier. Glad its all over, thought I suspect its not going to be the last for this year...

With the sky all washed clean by the recent typhoons we made our way to Elements to watch Get Smart. Loved the seats with their vibration and wide passage between rows. The movie was funny, drawing many familiar sights from the tv-box. Its great watching brainless movies, just the antidote for a poisonous workweek.

And just as we left the cinema I caught a song by Misia playing in one of the theatres. Then I remembered that Misia will be coming to HK. Went to 360, bought some baby lobsters, baby potatoes and half a roast chicken for dinner before coming home. First thing I did was to book the tickets for Misia's concert on 4th Oct 2008. Only Japanese concert I attended in Singapore was Chage & Aska. Watched L'Arc~En~Ciel, and now Misia here in HK. Also caught Lee Hom, Jacky Cheung and Kenny Bee. Really great thing about HK is the unlimited selection of good concert.

Watching the synhronized swimming even of the Beijing Olympics now. Amazing how they can stay underwater for so long. I can do it, but someone will probably have to dig me out from the bottom of the pool after the event...

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