Friday, August 8, 2008

Grand opening~

The opening ceremony, masterfully produced by Zhang Yimou, was a work of art. With the vast resources and manpower, Zhang created yet another masterpiece to add to his ever impressive portfolio. The clever use of Chinese history and the consistent theme help Zhang set a new benchmark in the opening game. Who knows what he will deliver for the closing ceremony...

Here in HK, things are not so cheerful though. A suspicious object was detonated in Causeway Bay MTR station. Real bomb or true hoax? One may never know but this is part of China after all and the horsey events are going to be held right here in the land of Wednesday night punters~ I guess its going to be a month of sleepless nights for the Chief Exec and the top brass in the security forces~

Funny that just this morning I heard through S that a Japanese colleague who stays in Causeway Bay told her not to visit Lan Kwai Fong tonight because its a high-risk area. How ironic that they find the bomb in Causeway Bay...

Now let's hope the games will deliver the action~ I'll be following the Redeem Team (U.S. Basketball), Mascherano (Argentine Soccer), the Lion events (any event with a Singaporean) and any events with sexy, cute, pretty babes~ ;)

Go Lions~


Another suspicious object found in Sheung Wan, not too far from Lan Kwai Fong... I don't think anyone would want to bother with us poor people living this side of the SAR...

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