Friday, August 1, 2008

A-hole organisation

How many people out there has an Exchange 2007 server in their organization? Can you tell me how long it takes for you to resolve a service which needs twitching with the registry? (Trust me I only know of the registry solution after the engineer resolved the problem).

If something goes wrong and you cannot fix it, you contact the engineer. The engineer arrives and started checking but unfortunately work brought you to within sight of the office President. He summons you over and ask why there's no backup e-mail server. "Because its very expensive" (and knowing this organisation, getting budget for Exchange 2007 was already an achievement)

President shrugs off and ask why the problem was not solved. It was 9:50+am and everyone have already began to miss their e-mails. Scornfully he told me that this is the time to GANBARU. And told me to report back with estimate of when the job will be done. I walked over to the server room and asked the engineer, "So how long?"

Engineer : "No idea. 1 patch at a time."

So how am I going to report? Someone told me that the Japanese don't like "don't know" because they are Japanese. But I didn't say "don't know", I said the engineers arrived and are checking. And if anything, I should be reporting to my immediate boss and not them! Just because he is Sales President means he is the biggest?

In this crap place I get no credits for whatever I do. Everything goes to my bosses. Sample warehouse? Nicely done! Trust me not many people know how much work I did there. Warehouse? No one care if I made anything happen. It just so happens I also have a "Logistics" with my title so everything is my business. However when shit hits the fan, people will figure out that I was involved.

And I cannot help but admire how these Japaneses behave when they approach my boss. They squirm and bow like dogs, even the President. But when they talk to me they talk like they are king of the world. "You scum! You're wrong and I'm right!"

But they're right. I'm just a lowlife scum. I'm just a manager who do all ground-level stuffs, approve a few leaves and absorb whatever shit which comes my way. Credit? No thanks~ I'm leaving here anyway so its no big deal~ But if you a-holes have any guts please direct your unhappiness to my boss and not at me. I'm not at your level. Thank you very much~


littlecartnoodles said...

Hi, there ! I'm also a Singaporean working in HK. Got to know of your blog via "Hongkie Town"

Read your post about not being able to fit in back home and could not agree more. I've been in HK for close to 6 years now and will be here for the considerable future (married a local) I read the ST and Singapore blogs daily, and just cannot imagine how many morons also carry pink ICs like us.

Well, I suppose our HK experience makes us just a little bit smarter and better equipped to handle Life, eh ?

Looking forward to reading your previous and future posts.

WhiteDuskRed said...

Thanks for dropping by~ I think I managed to step onto your blog some months back... unfortunately it has not been updated regularly since~ Hope to hear more from fellow Singaporeans here in HK~

Cannot fit also must fit! At least that is what I tell myself everyday. Will take my chance with MBA studies this time next year.

I figured this HK experience only makes me appreciate Singapore more. Really... I need my roti prata and teh tarik in the middle of the night~

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