Thursday, August 14, 2008

Made in Singapore...

Ok... I finally give in. I will give my little unimportant take on the foreign talents representing Singapore in the Olympics...

Firstly, they are representing Singapore. From the day they take up the sport of their choice till the day they represent Singapore they have given so much blood and sweat. The very least we can do is to support them. Even if they lose we must support them. Look at the table-tennis clash between Singapore and USA. 2 countries all Chinese. I'm sure the US crowd will cheer their team as much as they cheer on their 4x200 freestyle team. That's the way the sport is being played nowadays. Singaporeans should be more open.

The Singapore government is trying to put Singapore on the map on all aspects. Sports, education and arts after being so successful in business. It is not easy given the small pool of people and limited area to train in. Importing talent is the fastest method. By importing talent, local talent can also train with better players so as to raise their game. Why is China so powerful? Simply because they got a lot of sparring partners and enough soccer fields to pick their players from.

Of course, after writing all that above I also must say that given a choice, I would prefer all Singapore representatives to be born in Singapore. Or at least was bred in Singapore from the age of 1-12. Then we can proudly say that he/she came out of the Singapore system. Anything above 12 will be like recruiting mercenaries. Not fair to the athlete nor other local athletes.

Always easy to talk. Never easy to be a sportsman~


(^oo^) bad girl (^oo^) said...

So good......

"me-no-mad" said...

in a way i agree with you but emotionally and illogically, I still cannot see a foreign talent winning for singapore to be something to be proud of.

It is different being proud for the player, and being proud as a national. If a F.T wins, I applaud and credit him/her for her dedication and efforts as an individual. However, because her foundation training was NOT originated from singapore, hence i have nothing to be proud of as a citizen as we are still not capable of exceling as a developed nation.

I am not a sports fan. I never watch any events except swimming because that is the only event where we have our own bred talents like Jo yeo, nicole etc, with APS to kick start training our national representative.

I'm sorry but i feel SG has been overrun and invade by too much F.T including coachies on the pretext of sports. and many came here because they couldnt break into their top tier in china or whereever. If they could, would they come if all things are equal?
Its an answer only they will know.

littlecartnoodles said...

While I think that the punters should give sportsmen like Li Jiawei a break - considering that she has lived in SG for so long - I'd not feel very proud if one of the FTs were to win an Olympic medal.

The fact is, they had been granted SG citizenship on condition that they represent SG at international sporting events and deliver results. In other words, they're mercenaries. They're conditional emigrants.

While it's true that there are many former Chinese sportsmen now playing for their other nations, I do not get the impression that they were actively recruited by their adoptive nations to win medals.

WhiteDuskRed said...

Hi littlecartnoodles, nice to see you back here again. Anyway, regarding your last sentence about the recruitment of Chinese players in other countries, I have a very different view.

Every country (at least not very corrupt countries) will not easily accept any Tom, Dick or Harry into their country and let them become a citizen. Usually they must be useful to the society or just filthy rich. In the case of sportsmen and sportswomen, they have nothing except their skill, and thats their passport to citizenship in another country.

Actually its not just athletes. Doctors, scientists and professors take the fast lane to become citizen because they have things we want but things we don't have. We import the best lecturers to teach in NUS, paying them big money but at the end of the day our children will benefit. Of course, local lecturers will probably have to take a backseat~

Of course I cannot say if other countries were as active as Singapore in recruiting talents to win medals, but considering the fact that the last time Singapore won an Olympic medal was in 1960, I'm glad the sports ministries are actively doing their job.

As for Nomad's comment that those athletes came to Singapore because they cannot break into the top-tier, I have to agree with her 50% and defend those athletes for the remaining 50%.

Yes, they probably cannot break into the top-tier, the top 5-6 players in China. And when you cannot break into the top-tier, you will most likely be refused the chance to be coached by the best trainers, be ineligible for most incentives and probably not get the chance to participate in overseas competitions.

So what will you do if you are ranked 6th in China? Do you live your life being a sparring partner for Olympians and retire as a primary school coach? Or you turn your back on your motherland and strive to become the top 3 in the world?

In a way I see alot of us Singaporeans here in HK and China and think of ourselves as FT. Its not as if we cannot make a decent living in Singapore but its just not enough for us. But given the limited options in Singapore we leave for not-so-green pastures.

I'm glad I done all these thinking regarding FTs. I'm sure like the rest of us they will get homesick and lonely.

littlecartnoodles said...

In my case, I'm definitely FOREIGN but not necessarily a TALENT ;-)

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