Sunday, August 10, 2008

My 9th of August in HK

First day of action for Beijing Olympics and 43rd National Day for Singapore. Special day for me because this will be the first time I celebrate in HK with fellow Singaporeans. But before that I got to get a haircut and source for a new place to stay. Haircut at Olympic City, costing HKD120 (and I get a coupon of HKD100 in return) made me look like anyone of those young storeman straight out of school...

After haircut and a short lunch, we made our way to Harbourview Horizon in Hung Hom. Published price was around HKD9990. Probably less than 10 units out of the thousands they have there. The rest cost between 14k to 17k. Kind of out of our budget. The place is also kind of out of the way. Perhaps instead of 6 months we may want to pamper ourselves and stay for 1-2 months at The Harbourview Place instead? Maybe... maybe not~ The actual price tag may blow us away~

The NDP dinner, organised by the Singapore Association in HK, was held at Satay Inn. Singaporean favourites like Hainan chicken rice, laksa, gado gado and satay were laid out in a buffet spread. Met some fellow Singaporeans who have been staying in HK for 12 to 22 years. I can never imagine myself staying here for so long... not without my family and friends around. Managed a good 5 minutes' worth of conversation with the Consulate General as well.

The parade was shown live on 2 LCD TVs and a big projector screen for all to enjoy. Cannot compare to the multi-million dollar opening of the Olympics. Love the new national song, Shine for Singapore, sung by Hady Mirza. The fireworks display was fantastic. A pity I cannot make it to the event itself but watching it on TV, singing the national anthem with fellow Singaporeans and watching the 8-minute fireworks display was good enough... for now...


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