Thursday, August 7, 2008

The storm before the calm?

The storm came at a bad time... I had sick leave for yesterday and today. I should have gotten it for today and tomorrow. But one can never predict the future, can one? The hand is so much better now thanks to the painkillers and lotion prescribed by the doctor.

So what did I do yesterday? Practically nothing much except checking out the status of the storm throughout the day while playing some downloaded games on my PS3. That's what you do when you are trying to save money~ download download download~ LEGALLY! I played Armored Core (Not interesting at all), GTA IV (20 minutes just to get my wanted level to 5 stars... How can I get 6 stars???) and Monsters by PixelJunk. Monsters is a simple game whereby you try to build towers to defend against waves of monsters who will eat your little creatures. Its pretty addictive and works your brain quite a little.

In the evening we went out for a function in LKF. At least we thought the function was still on since the signal 8 warning was lowered at around 5pm. Should have called. In the end we were met with a doorsign which told us that the event was postponed. Made our way to Yung Kee, a famous roasted goose restaurant nearby. Very nice goose, very nice wanton noodles. Definitely want to bring uncle there in November.

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