Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Was it me?

Someone asked me, "Is someone blogging for you?"

It's me and it has always been me! I may not speak alot of mandarin nor read alot of mandarin but I'm well and capable of writing some simple mandarin, especially on the computer (Thank God for the PC... who can remember all the strokes after all these years?). And no, I have no western friend who reads my blog that I hate/hates me. If such a person exists then my choice to write in a different language will be an act of cowardice.

I'm writing in Chinese and Japanese because I feel like it. And I feel that I can convey my thoughts and feelings best in the selected language. I'm most comfortable with English (by no means saying that my English is excellent) but sometimes I cannot find the inspiration to write in English.

Recently as I am pondering about my life here in HK and my life as a whole, many of the thoughts came out in Chinese, my mother tongue. And also during this time I realised that I have been neglecting my mother tongue and Japanese studies. And where else can I find a better place to pen down my thoughts and practise my languages than my blog?

And talking about Japanese studies... I'm on a little project to finish a Japanese novel. For someone who has difficulty finishing an English novel, this will be a tough one... 2 pages last night and I turned to Olympics channel... At this rate I might be able to finish the book before X'mas...

Btw, anyone noticed all the girls standing beside the podium during the medal presentation during the Olympics? Yeap a population of 1.3 billion its really easy to find thousands of those girls who can easily win the Miss HK crown...

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