Friday, August 15, 2008

Well done Ping Pong Ladies~

Singapore has done it~ 1st medal in 48 years. Officially this is the first since independance. No matter what others say, I must congratulate this Singapore team in bringing back a medal. 5 exciting matches, too many excitement for me.

Yes we may have imported talents but so does many of the other table-tennis teams. Most nations field a team made up of Chinese-born players and nearly half of all female players are Chinese. At least this team made it to the final, unlike the Chinese teams representing Austria, America, Dominican Republic and Holland~ Now let's cheer them on and hope they bring back the gold!

On another note, I must say I thoroughly enjoy the cantonese commentary for the Olympics. The Chinese team is going up agains the US in women's volleyball. When the Chinese lifted the ball over the net gifting the US an easy spike, the commentator said something like this :"有一片叉烧自己不吃,送给别人吃." Cute... real cute...

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littlecartnoodles said...

During the exciting China-Cuba women's volleyball match a few nights ago, there were a few times when the Cuban players' serves were too powerful and were "out".

A TVB commentator said, "哩個時候開波仲出界,真係抵死!!!"

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