Tuesday, September 16, 2008

4-day travelogue - Day 4

8:15am North-bound MRT from Raffles Place to City Hall. Empty.

Escalator from underpass below C.K. Tangs. Neatly aligned to the left.

The room for me to do my deed... notice the set of magazines in the corner? (^^;)

McLaren Mercedes F1 replica outside Paragon.

Cool and empty Orchard Road in the morning. Not a single threat of a bead of sweat. Lovely weather.

Landed properties along Stirling Road. Rustic feel. Very nice~

Queenstown Stadium. Home stadium of Dalian Shide?

Hawker centre in Tanglin Halt. Lots of food but I was not hungry...

Packaging from the old world. Can't find this in HK aye~

Big trees big trees everywhere~

Big tree over my car?!?! Don't worry. All healthy and well taken care of here in SG~

To achieve my dreams~ I must first know my ABCs~

Burn like the candle, from start to finish... just don't lose your pants~

View from kitchen of friend's place. Much better than a view of someone's kitchen. Unless that someone is a hot babe~

Baby Cheryl still scared of me... sighz... At least she was quick to wave goodbye~

China Apple Juice. Available only in Singapore. Hmm...

100-plus. Not available in HK~

Ban-mian. Something I miss so much! Funny why I cannot find so many good food from Singapore when they call HK a culinary city.

Another F1 replica in T1. Probably a BMW Sauber?

A garden in T1. A relaxing sight. Last picture of Singapore to remind me of what I miss most about Singapore, trees.

In tree-less HK airport, hordes of passengers waiting for their luggages after 20 minutes...

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