Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another sucker bites the dust~

I just gotten news that a sales colleague of mine just tendered his resignation a few days ago. Apparently he got a scolding from his Japanese manager and he just couldn't hold his temper any longer. And apparently his manager is a shorty. I've always heard of short people having short temper. Reason being the amount of abuse they are subjected to throughout their lives. I never believed that theory but I'm turning convert. These shorties are really perverted~

Anyway that scolding just pushed him over the edge. There were several reasons which prompted him to leave. Among them : low salary, low bonus, incompetent management, short crazy direct boss and being treated like a ball.

A ball... its really the most appropriate term to describe him... He probably spends more time in Shenzhen office than HK. He is under HK staffing, but he follow China's working calender. That means he will be working when his friends in HK are having holidays and vice versa. And being a HK staff, he starts with only 7 days of annual leave as compared to 14 days for China staff. Adding salt, pepper and lime to injury, his bonus was based on HK office's standards. Basically everyone in China office got twice as much bonus as him.

I always believe that if a company demands loyalty from its staff, it must first take good care of its staff. Apparently in this company they are taking care of the Japanese staff and leaving shitty scraps for the locals. Can't complain much if you need the money. If you don't like it, just leave~

Turnover rate in the company? Probably 30-50% annually for local staff. Thats like a fricking war zone. And you get a fresh recruit fighting with you the next day, another the next, and another the next... By the 5th recruit you start to tell yourself, "if bootcamp didn't train them well enough its their problem, they're going to die anyway."

And just this morning another of those recruits came over and asked my staff how to do this and how to do that... I'm leading an IT team, not a nursery! Where's the fricking training plan for sales staffing? What kind of fricking company doesn't have a training plan for new staff? What the frick are those people in HR doing? Oh wait... they call themselves HR but they are actually recruitment and payroll.

Do I look like I bother? No, I don't!


littlecartnoodles said...

I had already made my mind back in Univ that I would NEVER work at a Japanese and Korean company.

Their style of management can be described as economic colonialism - local top mgmt consists exclusively of people posted from Tokyo/Osaka/Seoul to manage the native staff. For these expats, their stint in Singapore or HK or elsewhere is just another rung in the corporate ladder that they hope will eventually take them back to Headquarters.

And the glass ceiling is just so obvious. US and European MNCs had started to localise their top mgmt years ago, but the Japanese and Koreans are still reserving the top spots for their pure-blooded brethren.

"me-no-mad" said...

My first company after i graduated was a "branded" japanese company. After that short 3 months experience, I told myself if i can avoid Jap company i would.

We locals are treated like "2nd class citizens" and seating arrangement like a primary school classroom, where everyone faces one direction with the jap manager facing us.

While all of us have to punch timesheet to show we are on time or get bonus deducted and appraisal be downgraded, the jap staff can stroll in later with no impact. The japanese boss even more ridiculous! He would come in after 12pm after his golf game!!! and leave at 4pm for whatever crap appintment and no one cares!

and we constantly have other japanese bosses walking along the corridor behind us, checking our PC screen to make sure we are doing work and not surfing internet or u will get "warning".

The only perk i got in marketing job was that my lunch was always in the premium restaurants with vendors/ partners/ guests and overseas colleagues.. paid by company.

More ridiculous, the pervert jap will "RANK" the looks of woman in their team and those who can drink and party with them and have good looks obviously get preferential treatment. I was sooooo disgusted.

and also, they BLOODY SMOKE IN THE CONFERENCE room during quarterly regional meetings and I was dying of long cancer from 9am to 6pm. and then we all have to go for "drinking" sessions that doesnt end till midnight.... endure bad jokes, smoke in my face and only our taiwanese counterparts could get away being bitchy with them..
Of course, jap women are still ranked higher than us "mortal" chineses.

In the end, i call it quits and within the last month, I didnt give a damn if i was late travelling from east to west. Deduct my pay for all i care was what i told the hr manager but she didnt.. haaa haaaa.

So There.
In SG companies: U deal with stupid local cheapo mentality and alist of idioticy

In Jap companies: U deal with OBVIOUS discrimination but with relatively "structured" process.

In American companies: U deal with HIRE FIRE and MAJOR politicking. No performance, no talk

In European companies: U deal with red tapes and slow decisions and everyone not knowing a damn thing.

Take your pick.

WhiteDuskRed said...

I'm sure locals all over the world will have the same to say about their Japanese colonists. They are one of a kind but you can't help but envy the type of protection and support given to their fellow countrymen. I just can't see the same level of help coming from Singaporeans, Hongkongers or Chinese.

Talking about the classroom sitting, my company employs the same sitting arrangement as well. Fortunately, as the manager, I am seated right at the back of the "class". I can see my staff surfing net or calling home to check on their children but to me its getting the job done at the end of the day. I don't believe in deducting pay or giving a bad appraisal because of lateness (unless its on an infuriating daily basis).

I think I have enough of Singaporean or Japanese companies. Probably going to try for an American or European firm after my studies. Heard they expect alot but they treat good staff well. If I don't perform, sack me. Fair enough.

Maybe one day I will go back to a Japanese company, maybe not. One thing I have learned is that idiots are all over the place, regardless of the nationality, race nor religion. The biggest idiots are the companies which hire the HR which hire the idiots. We are just unfortunate that we have to work with them.

Until I need to decide where I want to go, here's a tip from me-no-mad, I will work hard on getting a good MBA so that no matter what shit bonus they give me, my basic salary will be enough for me.

"me-no-mad" said...

"The biggest idiots are the companies which hire the HR which hire the idiots"

Wah! This is classic line I must rem!! damn good! Sums up exactly what I felt all these years man!

I think freelancing is the best. own time own target! haaaa

But seriously, I have been with american firm. All i can say if, whatever they pay you, they will squeeze every penny out of u from your work... i didnt say its bad, just some people can adapt to it, some dun....

WhiteDuskRed said...

Its really finding a comfort level. Whether one is comfortable with the amount of work versus the amount of remuneration. Presently I cannot say I am underpaid nor can I say I am overworked. So why am I unhappy? Basically because I have to work with idiots~

And who employed those idiots? Obviously someone employed them...

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