Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The beautiful game... will never be beautiful again~

Do you remember the time when footballers were paid like mere mortals? When they played for glory? When players only ever played for 1 club in their entire career? I bet a few of those schoolgoing kids out there never heard of such things.

Can you imagine getting paid £50k/week? That's like more than a year's salary for me! But no~~~ all those prima donna footballers will always ask for more~ Isn't that human nature? If you can get more, why not? I'll be interested to know how much the greats of the 70s and 80s were paid as compared to factory workers in those days.

I'm sure there are some footballers who will never kick a ball for another club. Jamie Carraghar and Steven Gerrard are 2 names on my mind but Stevie G nearly turned to the Blue side a few seasons ago. And why didn't he go? Perhaps he really love Liverpool so much that he managed to resist the temptation of Abramovichiboy's monies. Or maybe Liverpool just gave him a counter-offer he couldn't resist. We will never know. End of the day, I know they are being paid really big money.

Perhaps it is more fortunate that kids these days don't know any of the footballing legends. At least they will not know that footballing wasn't all about money in the past. At least they will treat the game as what it is, a game. At least they won't feel as disappointed as me.

And if England wants to perform better on the world stage then perhaps they would like to pay the players as much as the club do...

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