Friday, September 26, 2008

F1 GP Singapore

Its finally here~ The first night race ever! WOOOOO~ 5 years ago no one would have given this race any chance. No... even 1 year ago this sounded like some crazy maniac's lunchtime wet dream. Kudos to whoever who made this all possible and kudos to the many government agencies involved in making all these possible within a short span of 10 months.

10 months... Many countries can't even complete a highway in 10 years. I think Singaporeans are suckers for pressure. Youth Olympics in 2 years' time. F1 in 10 months' time. What next? The moon in 5 years? I will not be surprised if a Singaporean consortium makes Singapore the 4th country to make it out there.

Forget all that~ I want to enjoy the race. It might only be the practice runs tonight but just the thought of F1 cars racing through all those familiar buildings back home, with the sky kitted with the illuminations from all the buildings... feels like dreamland... and not a dream...

But the race is not without concerns. For one this race will be the 1st ever night race. Imagine yourself driving at 120kmh with cars in close proximity during the day. Now change the speed to 300kmh. Scary? Wait till you start driving at night! And they better pray that rain will not beat down on them. Rain will probably kill a few drivers. The reflection of the spotlights on the road will probably throw the drivers off their orientation... resulting in a few crashes?

Oh well... as long as no one gets too badly injured, all in the name of good entertainment~

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