Thursday, September 18, 2008


What is fate? Is our life another passage from God's masterplan? Or are we the ones who determine our own destiny? I always believe that every action we take or decision we make will lead to a significantly different path in our life. Only God knows if all of them leads to the same destination....

Sliding doors was a 1998 movie depicting how failure to make a train ride can have entirely different consequences in one's life.

Ever wondered why you are sitting here, your friend's number is in your phone and how you ever met this friend of yours? Can you remember the day you met this friend and embarked on this journey of life together? Most of the time we meet our friends through work, school or other social gatherings. But even in a class of 40, it takes multiple factors like height to determine the seating plan, form teacher's preference in seating the students and certain maturity issues... "I'm not going to talk to a girl!"

Lets take one example... M. How we managed to become friends was really a test of fate. I had always been an eastern kid, with little or no ambitions to study anywhere west of Orchard Road. Little did I know that the only polytechnic in Singapore that offered a course that I was interested in was in Singapore Polytechnic...

I enrolled in the school, got a place and promptly went to school on the scheduled registration date. On that day I saw many other would-be students, many of whom will become my classmates in the subsequent 3 years. Then I saw this guy who was queueing up right behind me, someone wearing a soccer jersey (Inter Milan?) and having a super sulky face. It was the I-don't-want-to-be-here kind of face. I was telling myself that there was no way I would be friends with this kind of people... no way...

Then on the 1st day of school we had Japanese lesson. I found a nice seat at the rear end of the classroom with an empty seat beside me. I was hoping some super hotshot chick will come in late and sit beside me. Then it happened... it was Mr. Inter Milan... I can't remember if we exchanged "Hi" but he sat up the moment I placed my Panasonic jumbo mobile phone on the desk. I sat up when I saw his English-Japanese dictionary on his desk. If I remember correctly, I borrowed the dictionary to check for a few useless terms like Sex, Breasts and Penis... I can't remember... It was more than 10 years ago... Ahem... Anyway that was the start of our beautiful friendship~

Subsequently we formed a soccer team with the rest of the tutorial class (B, BY, Jon) to take part in the departmental soccer tournament. There we met X and M and many others from the other course in the department. And they introduced us to other people in their department and we started playing soccer at the netball court after school. And then we proceeded to form a soccer team... and then the famous "Let go Let goal" came about... And last Friday I had dinner with Mr. Inter Milan, B and X.

And none of these would have happened if I didn't choose the school, chose that seat in Japanese class or decided to participate in the soccer tournament, no? How I met S was even more amazing... but I will leave that for another time~

Life is simply amazing~

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