Monday, September 1, 2008

For what...

No job pays well enough to lose sleep, lose weight and lose appetite over. That is unless you owe the loansharks a shitload of money.

London, Paris, Rome and Venice seemed like a long time ago... In reality it was only 4 months ago. 10 days but it must be my happiest days in recent times. How did everything turn bad so abruptly?

Back to work in 5hrs. Really stinks. My job doesn't stink that much. Challenging at times, constantly picking up new technologies and resolving new problem (Got to admit some, or rather most of the problems arose because this company likes to start new initiatives with incompetent imbeciles). I just hate the people, especially the guy from HR & Admin, the local Pres., and the MD. I hate them to the core.

I wish they all fail to hit every sales target forever! *start hitting paper dolls with a hammer*

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