Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hong Kong Hong Kong~

Down and out with flu today. 1 day MC... expected more but good enough~ My throat gets infected easily, especially in bad environment. It used to be a yearly ritual for me to get MC when the haze hits Singapore. In HK, the bad air doesn't give me a chance... perhaps I should treat everyday like a haze day and wear a mask wherever I go...

Number 8 typhoon signal hoisted at 6pm yesterday and ended at around 6am this morning. Would have preferred the start and end time to offset by 12 hours either direction...

Reckoned this typhoon to be the strongest I've ever encountered. Had the apartment block swaying nonstop for 5-6 hours. Really wonder what would have happened if the typhoon struck HK straight on... *shuddles*

Caught a quote in the SCMP. Apparently by the deputy director of health in HK responding to parents' complaints that government doctors are taking the Sunday off instead of testing children for melamine poisoning from contaminated Chinese dairy products.

"It is not something so urgent that it needs to be dealt with within 24hours. If they could not get the service today, they could go again to the clinic during office hours tomorrow."

From the picture provided, I think she is probably single and without any children. Still, any public figure should have more sense responding to questions involving such a massive crisis. But hey~ this is HK~ any puppet can be a senior public figure~

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