Sunday, September 21, 2008


Whenever I do my ironing I will get alot of quiet time to brood over issues troubling me or things that just pisses me off. Highly unhealthy yet something which I cannot avoid. Writing them down is the only way which is keeping me sane. It will also make rejection to counter-offers that bit more gratifying.

Life is full of unfairness. Alot of people probably won't even get the same amount of money and luxury I enjoy. They are probably cursing me in front of their PC now. No matter if you are a road cleaner or the MD of an MNC, if a person feel that he/she has been unfairly treated, I'm sure they will be feeling as terrible as me. End of the day, telling myself to be satisfied with whatever I have and there are people who are worse off than me is really just a consolation, and just that, a consolation.

In this world we love to compare. We love to compare in everything. "Why he/she paid the same amount of money but they got more?" "Why are we paid the same and I work more?" "Why he gets to inherit such wealth while I inherit debt?" Comparison leads to greed and competition. The devil and the angel. Comparison can lead man to greatness because of a desire to outshine others. Comparison can also lead man to crime because of an urge to outshine others via a shortcut.

These days I have learnt to avoid comparison with others. I don't care if the company I work for employ more idiots to staple 2 pieces of paper. I don't even care if they pay them the equivalent of 2 MDs' pay package to do that. I care when they mess up with my remuneration. I'm sure I have a right to be pissed off with that. It's my right and mine alone.

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