Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Living in the city... of cheats and liars~

Raining cats and dogs this morning. Amazing how Hongkongers will turn into packs of wild dogs on days like this. While waiting for a cab in front of my place I was introduced to an exhibition display of animal instincts. Oh, and before I forget, it took me like 40 minutes to get a cab.

Instinct 1, thee who reaches the food first, eat first! Thought only animals do that? While I stood in a very prominent position by the roadside waiting for a cab, another fellow was standing approximately 5-6 metres away from the front door of the housing development. Once a cab arrived, he ran to the cab in a flash, only to see the taxi driver waving him away because he had a booking. The next thing you know the taxi-flasher just walked away from the scene, probably knowing that he just made a fool of himself.

Instinct 2, Ambush! The second fellow came out from nowhere when a cab was approaching and stood right in front of me. No excuse for not being able to see me because he was taking up a defensive position like Michael Jordan, screening me out of the play. Apparently the cab did stop, only to drop off only 1 of the 2 passengers in the taxi. Like the 1st guy, this second guy just walked away as if nothing has happened...

Instinct 3, Go for scraps! All around me this morning, roaming around like vultures but not really queueing up behind me. Probably gonna perform instinct 1 or instinct 2 on me if I don't keep my alert up.

Really wonder what would have happened if someone did perform I1 or I2 in front of my eyes... I would probably open the taxi door, grab the fellow out and throw him onto the floor. And with my right hand nearly healed, I might give him a punch for my troubles!

And living in HK is expensive. Check out the major indicators and you will realise that Singapore is catching up and may surpass HK in terms of $/sqft in rental as well as sales. But think twice when you make the comparison because the 2 cities have a very different interpretation of the floor area in a property.

See this post from Hemlock regarding the calculation of floor space in HK. Something which will probably be quoted as 430sqft has been marketed as a 690sqft property in HK. 318sqft marketed as 400sqft... Really makes you wonder how much you will be paying for an L-shaped property in HK...

I'm sure many people will tell me they love to live in HK. I cannot agree... at all...

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