Thursday, September 4, 2008

Miserable week...

Its a miserable week for me. I'm doing printscreens and step-by-step guides for my IT staff so that they can takeover my work when I leave. One of them is the technical guy, you leave your Windows 2003 server with him and you sleep in peace at night. Hell of a lousy attitude and poor PR skills though. The other is the admin aunty. I leave all administrative issues to her, and utilize alot of her PR skills to get by as well. I'm lacking someone with programming and database knowledge. Perhaps I shouldn't care too much. I've been too kind to leave this much guides for the staff. I remember when I first came, the outgoing manager didn't leave me tittly nuts. I had to figure out shitholes after shitholes with the staff he left behind, who knew tittly nuts as well...

Instead of arriving for work 20 minutes or so early everyday, I'm arriving 10 minutes pass 9am. Unlike previous occasions whereby I walk pass the receptionist with a tinge of embarrassment and fearful of seeing the MD, I walk in as if I'm the MD and actually hoping to see the Admin GM, President or the MD. Do I care? Gee... I guess tittly not~

Got myself a few pairs of golfing gloves yesterday. Also caught a traffic accident. 3335's the magic number~ All you people there in Singapore, remember my 10% share!

For the ladies out there who love men in uniforms. See if I can get some pix of men from the fire brigade next time~

"Hey Whitedusk, you'd do well to mark C.Ron out of the game with Carra here aye mate~"

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