Monday, September 1, 2008

A nice break

Took urgent leave today to do nothing. That's right, took a day off to do nothing. After watching Die Hard 4.0 it was already 7:30am, since there was nothing important at work I decided to make it a long weekend.

Out to golf at around 3pm. Before that I had lunch at one of those HK fastfood restaurants. Since its a Monday, it cost just HKD10/hr at the golf range. Made my way to Elements to meet S after golf. On my way to the MTR, caught a traffic accident. Interesting how the owner of the offending vehicle looked so furious... he was the fellow who drove on the freeway even though he was behind a double-line.

Browsed for a good 15 minutes in the Metro Bookstore @ the Elements before S arrived. Computer books in the place was pathetic, probably better luck at PageOne tomorrow. Had dinner at the restaurant in front of the Grand cinema. Not bad but not fantastic either. And that's the story of my day. Anything beats going back to work.

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