Sunday, September 14, 2008

Of Big Macs and PCs...

Back in SG and noticed the kids' PC is filled with pop-ups, slowdowns and every imaginable problems you can associate with a Windows OS. When I told them we will get a new one next year, N asked for a MacBook. A MacBook, for a 13-year-old... Why would she want one? She said its because there are less virues and it looks better. She's probably right there. On the other hand, buying one MacBook for her cost as much as 2 desktops for her and her brother.

I've never worked with a Mac, although I would love to have one at home. Heard many good things about the platform, and now that it is cross-compatible with many Windows apps, it must be the best time to buy one for myself, no?

Some pros and cons :

1) It will probably take me a few weeks to get used to the keys, the interface and the whole setup but I should be able to sleep better knowing that there will be less chances of a virus destroying my OS.

2) The Office applications will not be able to run VBA macros but that should be fine if I'm doing basic stuff like e-mailing, video editing, MP3 sharing and simply Office work. Tonnes of bad reviews out on the internet on the reliability of MS Office apps.

3) It will cost more upfront but I'm really paying for the better design of the hardware as well as the interface.

I love my Office macros. With a good macro you can turn 30-to-90-minute operations into a click-of-a-button job which will give you the same results in less than 5 minutes. You take that out of me and I will have less time surfing the internet during office hours. And that's going to be horrible.

A Mac at home will be great. It will give me more time to relax, taking my mind off tasks like virus-scanning and updating definitions, allowing the rest of the family to do creative things. I will most probably keep a PC as well just in case virus Armageddon arrives for any of the 2 systems.

It sounds as if I've made up my mind to get a Mac. Probably. But for a 13-year-old, she still have a long way to prove to me that she deserves one~

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