Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Singapore Express

Another whirlwind trip back to SG. Summarised in a whirlwind blog. 4 days of activities in one long blog~ Flight summary in earlier blog. Photos in a later blog. Anyway... here goes :

Day 1 : Half day at work before flying off to airport on taxi. Polluted skies of HK. Probably an effect of the typhoon approaching Taiwan. Glad to be escaping smog city. Bought some donuts at Krispy Kreme for family and friends, picked up some mooncakes and off we went~

Reached SG, met PY, handed over the donuts and off we went to pick up the car. An amazing $20 cab-ride later we reached my mum's place. Found my nephew waiting at the void deck as well. Mum was out so I called her and she rushed back home. Apparently she was fetching my younger nephew from the nursery. Got the car, sent her to the nursery and home before we zoomed off to Vivocity for our respective gatherings.

Dinner with M, B + wife and N. Pretty good food at Carnivore and really enjoyed the conversations with them. Then X + wife made an appearance around 10pm. Ben and Jerry's for second round where S joined us. Soon after we said our goodbyes and went home. And that was the end of an exhausing day 1...

Observation 1: Alot of cars in SG.

Day 2 : Woke up early to visit the IVF specialist at Paragon. Good news and better news. 1st good news. Think the lady was a good doctor. Better news. We are eligible for the S$3000 subsidy because she can do the procedures in public hospitals. After that we made our way to fetch J before heading for Rangoon Road to get some prawn noodle and rojak! Not to forget some Kickapoo to kickstart the day~ yeah~

Played mahjong with J and MIL until evening. Made our way to a seafood restaurant along Yio Chu Kang Road. House of Seafood served some glorious crabs! Red Hot Black Chilli Pepper Sri Lankan crabs and Red Hot Chilli Sri Lanka Crab + fried bun!!! Prawn, kangkong, tofu and fish~ After the meal it was next door for satay and some teh tarik while watching the 1st half of Liverpool vs Man Utd.

After dinner I walked along Geylang Serai to soak in the Ramadan atmosphere before taking the MRT back to Tampines. Had a good 2 hours with uncle talking about work, studies, travelling plans and even politics.

Observation 2 : Alot of people in Singapore

Day 3 : TF came to Tampines to hand me his wedding invitation. He even gave an invitation to my uncle. Known him for 15 years. He knows my uncle so well they address him by name (Quite customary in SG to call "uncle aunty"). Had roti prata at Century Square while they had mee rebus and nasi briyani. Spent the later part of the day checking out mobile phone plans and Macbooks at Tampines Mall.

Packed, dressed and say byebye to uncle at around 7pm to attend a wedding dinner. The groom was my bunkmate in NS. Was seated on a table with campmates from my unit. From your typical hokkien soldier to the HK PR, from the secondary school-leaver to the scholars. We were truly a mixed bag. Left early, bought some satay and spent the night interrogating D about his stolen money and PSP...

Observation 3 : I need more driving practice.

Day 4 : Woke up early to send everyone off to school. Then I was dropped off at Commonwealth MRT. So many memories of alighting at this station to take a bus to SP... Took the train towards the opposite direction. Crowded train but not that much different when compared to my schooling days. Changed train at Raffles Place. The train to Orchard was practically empty except for a few cats. Alighted at Orchard, walked through the underpass and took the escalator up to ground level at Tangs.

Observation 4 : People do stand on the left side of the escalator on long escalators.

Made my way to Mount E Hosp. Why was I there? Something to do with the IVF... I had to check if mini-MEs were swimming the freestyle and not the backstroke... An eye-opener. Knew more about myself and my abilities to perform outside my comfort zone. Knowing what to expect I think I will check in at the nearest Hotel 81 on the actual day. It was the heats, not the actual finals.

Walked around Orchard Road enjoying the weather and sights of trees everywhere. Not many cars in Orchard but plenty along Lornie Rd in the morning. Made my way to Queenstown thinking there was a place to do up my driving license but it was gone. Walked to Commonwealth to meet up with S.

Observation 5 : Weather can be cold at times. So cold it wasn't Singapore-like. Walked from Queenstown to Commonwealth without breaking into a sweat. The intermediate rain over the past few days was fantastic. No umbrella needed and no sweat.

Fetched N from school. Failed to fetch D from school. Some teary goodbyes later made our way to the airport. Had some ban-mian, 100-plus and 中国苹果水 at Changi's staff canteen after checking-in. One terrible flight later I was back in HK...

My hearing isn't better in HK. I always have a bit of a hearing issue and now I figure out why I have less problem in HK. People shout next to you. While waiting for the train to arrive Tsing Yi MTR station, I couldn't help but realise that my ears were bombarded with noise. Noise from people all around me, 5-10 metres away advertising their sexual conquests and children's inability to get laid. I don't want to hear it!

Observation 6 : People don't talk in HK. They shout. And when everyone shouts, everyone must be able to outshout everyone for a message to get through. When you manage to block out the noise, like wearing a earplug, what will happen to you when you speak? You will usually speak very loud because you cannot hear yourself. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a part of HK.

Full of vigor and life. No. Just half-deaf...

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