Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tadpole swimming heats - round 1

Results of the analysis are out. Apparently I have nearly twice as many tadpoles/ml of sauce as compared to a caucasian. Speed-wise they are fast and furious... ok, so many around half of them are labelled as "sluggish" but still swimming~

Biggest problem is the morphology... Seems like I have alot of 2-headed tadpoles running around. Not a big problem since we will be using the assisted method. A big problem if we didn't know this and keep trying or conceive with a mutant tadpole...

Thats probably why many people recommend checkups prior to starting their factories. You can try and try and yet not get any results. A simple checkup like this costing around S$500/couple (inclusive of consultation) can give you a good idea of your factory health~

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