Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What's an ECG?

I have not been in the best of health recently. Broken hand, flu, this, that... the number of medical leave I've been taking has been stacking up. Just been to the doctor last week for flu. And while watching the F1 GP over the weekend I started getting palpitation and breathing difficulties. It didn't go away like how I wished it would and it became worrying last night.

Fear set in and so many thoughts went through my mind since last night... Will I drop dead in a moment? Will I be a liability for my family? Will I leave regrets in my life? Will I be diagnosed with Angina? So many question marks but no answer... not until I check it out with a cardiology specialist. My colleague helped me set up an appointment with one. An ECG and a blood test later the doctor was quite satisfied that it was probably a case of gastric or stomach inflammation which probably created enough gas within me to cause discomfort to my heart. He prescribed some of "the best gastric medicine in HK" to me, a nearly HKD2000 bill and set me on my way.

Walking out of the building I already felt like a new man. I felt as if I died and suddenly gotten myself a second chance at life. The hours leading to the checkup were hell. The world after the checkup was heaven~ I was just glad to be fine. I learnt a good lesson. Life is too short too precious to be glooming over the unhappy stuff. I should spend my time being productive. If I cannot be productive then I should just spend my free time enjoying my online gaming or PS3 gaming. Or just be happy I can be around my love.

On another note, spent a day as a vegetarian yesterday. Instructions from my mother. Supposedly will be good for me since it was my birthday according to the lunar calendar. I must say its not easy to keep to a vegetarian diet for a day. Really must salute those full-time vegies...

One thought going through my mind now... The reason why my mum told me to be a vege yesterday : The high glutton content in the vegetarian meals will cause so much problems last night that I had to visit the doctor today, forcing me to find out I have no heart condition and thus I will live my life better? Nay...

White dolphin watching tomorrow afternoon, followed by watching the National Day fireworks from a yacht in the evening. Dinner with C this Thursday. Misia this Saturday. Golf on Sunday. Maybe I can have a date with Zohan this Friday... Today I'm alive~

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