Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The world is the best MBA school...

When I was in Singapore, I had the luxury of spending an hour of quality time at Paragon's Starbucks eating their Uglier Curry Chicken Puff (there's an Ugly Puff) and a cuppa mocha. Of course I had my newspapers with me as well. And there I chanced upon an article called "Do you need an MBA?"

In the article they wrote about the various reasons why people go for MBA, why people should go for an MBA and the ROI associated with MBAs. The findings from the article were mostly direct answers from university professors and HR professionals. Many of the advices given by the professors and professionals were something I figured out over the past few months.

1) You want an MBA because you feel that you are lacking in certain/many business skills and would like to upgrade yourself. *tick*

2) You want to advance in your company. *cross*

3) You want to work for another company, hopefully a bigger and better MNC. *tick x 5*

4) You want a bigger paycheck *fill the page with ticks*

5) You love knowledge *half-tick*

Since 2 and 3 are contradicting points, I would say I score pretty well on the self-questionnaire. Next up will be my application for Harvard. Not desperate for it, just want to see if they are interested. Gonna be fun preparing the application. Not fun paying USD200 for it...

On another note, realised that the workplace is a really funny place. I used to have a hard time working with this young chap in my workplace. He was not under my chain of command but he couldn't work for his boss, so he was transferred over to my wing. The honeymoon period was fine but I didn't have alot of opportunities for him and he started to become a bit of a nuisance. Soon after he was transferred back to his former department with a slightly bigger job scope.

These days I have no problems working with him. In fact its becoming enjoyable to work with him again, just like the old days before he was transferred to my wing. Sometimes its better for people to work in different departments to generate the best results. The chap is working in his optimum position and I am in the best position to harness his ability without having to be his immediate superior. Of course this would not have happened if i) I don't have a good working relationship with his direct boss and ii) his relationship with his direct boss did not improve. But I found more hope for the future, his future and the future of this department.

And if you are reading this at this moment, I suppose you have some internet connectivity and connections to the outside world, then you should have heard of the crisis in AIG as well as the terror milk powder in China. The whole world is a bubble waiting to explode. You can't trust anyone to do anything right. Its all about the money, even at the expense of people's lives. Children's lives. Lives of infants. Go to hell... !@#%& bastards! Apparently the case was known before August but the news was subjected to China's information shutdown due to the Olympics... What a beautiful game...

Then again you simply can't trust anyone or anything at all. Why invade Iraq? Because they got terrorists? Hell no~ There are terrorists everywhere! Just that they don't have oil in those places. Who sent those planes into WTC? Osama said he did it. I suspect he was employed by some secret service agency to do the deed. For what? To justify the invasion of Iraq, sell more x-ray machines to airports all over the world or promote armaments business. Far-fetched? I don't think so.

Was the invasion justified? I still don't think so. The 1st Gulf war was a retaliatory strike. Fair enough and rightfully done with the endorsement of the U.N. The 2nd war? More like a unilateral invasion. No WMD found. No terrorists found. Just Iraqis defending their homeland. Any opposition to American forces will be labelled terrorists. I suspect the next target will be an African nation. Probably Somalia? The term "Terrorists" strikes as much fear into Americans as they strike into 3rd world countries. Americans fear the presence of real terrorists, 3rd world citizens fear the label of being any sort of terrorists.

So what's the lesson today? Borrowing a quote from the X-files...

"The truth is out there"

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