Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Big 4

So the Big 4 are finally up there (Man Utd needs to win their game in hand). Not unexpected... Liverpool need to ride on lady luck for another 20+ games... Will be really unexpected to see them on top come May 2009.

Working with idiots. The world is full of them. People die from stress. Or do they really die from working with dumb people? I think more of the latter. Employ one useless bum and the useless bum employ another 10 because he cannot do his work well. Working in the HK and China office of a Japanese company means that English will be the 3rd or 4th language on the table. Japanese cannot speak Cantonese, locals cannot speak English, vendors cannot speak properly... Asia World City - I am starting to understand what that really means... It means that nobody speaks nobody's language~

Never knew that being an I.T. Manager need to know how electrical circuits run. Maybe that's why I don't even get paid the market rates. I suppose all I.T. Manager out there will know how to do when the circuit breaker kicks into effect. They should include this module in school. And while they are at it they should include plumbing as well. Who knows when water will flow into my server room?

What have I been doing at work? Virtually nothing. I rather be busy at work but what's the point? Trying to be professional can only go so far... it gets to you when you feel that there's no professionalism in the air.

Oh well... to leave now or to work for another @#%$& year? The financial market certainly is not helping. The progress on my new apartment is killing me. I'm tearing my hair out.

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