Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chelsea VS Liverpool

Chelsea VS Liverpool in 10 minutes. My heart says Liverpool but the head says Chelsea. Realistically speaking Chelsea has been playing the better football so far this season. Chelsea by at least 2 goals.

*bang head against the wall*

UPDATE - 1-0 to Liverpool. Lady luck or sheer determination? I'm not sure but I'm enjoying this little run. Let's hope they keep on going~ Serious title contenders? Too early to say, its not even the 31st game of the season...


ulaca said...

The real winners of this result come the end of the season may turn out to be United.

WhiteDuskRed said...

You're right... the Devils have a way of spoiling my party... If Rooney can stay on the field and Ronaldo find his form soon enough, they should be up there by X'mas~

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