Thursday, October 16, 2008

Enemy ahead! So what? Charge!!!

Today I want to give thanks to all the people who have been encouraging me to take the leap, "F the future" and pursue my MBA as per plan. Also give thanks to my closest for supporting me financially and spiritually. This economic downturn has been a worry but life is long (I surely hope so for myself!) and an MBA will always be good experience and good knowledge.

When I left for Japan 5 years ago I borrowed a few thousand dollars from my family and left without a care in the world. Asia just recovered from SARS. Economy wasn't THAT fantastic. Then again I had no commitments then. Likewise I had no savings...

Things changed after I returned from Japan. I have been working in this company since my return from Japan. Whenever I studied I would go for them on a part-time basis so that I could keep my day job and a proper source of income. Amidst the working, I somehow lost myself out there. Money became my source of energy. I have been worshipping the money god for the past few years.

Somehow I have lost the joy of working, joys which were there during the first 6-12 months of my tenure. Approaching the last 6-12 months in this company I have nothing left in me. What drives me these days is a professional drive to leave my capacity with dignity and duties in good hands.

The doubt of doing the MBA full-time stemmed from my being a money-addict. It's like telling a drug addict that he/she will be without drugs for a year... I don't want to be a money-addict! I want to live life and not be a slave to money... Oh yes~ My desire to leave this xxxx pile is getting stronger! I can't wait!

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