Friday, October 24, 2008

Everything Tiger

Been busy scheduling vacation for self as well as for uncle who will be coming over in a few days. Frantic search for a room in Chime Long hotel ended by re-arranging the schedule. Apparently there's a tradefair in Guangzhou until 6th Nov 2009, thus the scarcity of rooms. Finally Wing On saved my arse and I managed to get them 2 nights as well as the return ferry tickets for approximately HKD3000.

This hotel is really quite a work. You get to take breakfast with 2 white tigers roaming on the other side of a glass panel. And a short distance away you get a safari, a zoo and a night circus (which is actually quite good). And in the zoo you can get a chance (many chances if you pay enough) to take pictures with a full-grown white tiger or even the white tiger cubs. There are a few pandas there as well.

And if you are coming from Singapore, why not travel on Tiger Airways? They have dirt cheap fares starting from S$0.01 from time to time.

And last night I had a difficult time sleeping. So? I took out a can of Tiger beer from my fridge and knocked myself silly.

Don't you just love tigers~

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