Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Finding my way out... and surviving it

On my long and winding road to my present status I have made alot of mistakes, stepped on alot of toes and gotten my toes stepped on quite a couple of occasions as well. Sometimes we use statements like "I can't help it" to make ourselves feel better. These days I learn that there's no I can't help it. Usually its more like "I cannot let go", "I'm a control freak" or the "I'm addicted to it". Sure we can let go of all our worldly belongings and be a happier person. We just can't let go...

These days I've been teaching colleagues and subordinates really useful stuff. Stuffs outside company manuals but useful when the shit hits the fan. It is a small component of my succession plan to teach them all these stuffs. I am really worried because HK people give me the impression that they cannot handle power. Once power (in terms of knowledge, position and anything that sets one apart) is acquired, they seem to spin into a tornado, sweeping everything in their way.

But I guess thats human nature... Tortoises who were seconded from my Kyoto HQ transform into emperors when they are here. I remember particularly for 1 tortoise, he was so incompetent that he was a manager with no staff under him. But after winning a successful posting to HK (Really nothing to do with his capabilities, more because he is downright dumb), he turned into a massive yaya papaya as we call them in Singapore. Arrogant and full of himself. If you are C.Ronaldo and he walk with that face I will probably step aside and let him walk because although he is a diver and a wuss, he has the skills. Arrogance which stemmed from the fact that HQ didn't want to lose any more capable staff to overseas postings... I really cannot understand that!

Anyway, back to me. I can understand that feeling of mightiness. But I don't remember myself feeling that full of myself. And if I do, it certainly is not because someone taught me how to do something, and using that bit of knowledge to boost my ego. But alot of Hongkongers do that. I don't know why... You are greater just because I taught you something? And so you deserve a raise? Then if I just teach myself everything, does that mean that I should get twice my package?

And so 3 years on in HK I have seen a very ugly side of human nature. Office politics... everywhere. But the way war is being fought here? Undertable dirty. Perhaps I have been lucky. Perhaps I'm the real dirty guy who acts like a goody-2-shoes so I stay out of the shit. Whatever it is I shall continue with my assignment of power. I just make sure that I assign them equally, with more than 2 staff in the know for each subject. Maybe then the power balance will be there. Or maybe things will collapse. I don't know, and frankly speaking, I don't have to care.

My sister is sick of her work as well. Good for her to take the plunge. She has finally dropped the "I can't help it" and took a positive step in raising her kids. I am really proud to be her brother. Has always been my role model and no matter what she will always have a very high position in my heart.

I guess with a bit luck (or unluckiness) and destiny, we 3 sibings will be jobless together. That's pretty amazing...

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