Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Hi I cannot access my e-mail, solve it"

Sometimes I get people calling and saying things like this : "Hi, I'm ABC from Shenzhen office. I cannot access my e-mail. My PC number is XXX. Solve it now!"

Today I got another one of those calls. As usual, I told the person to seek out the I.T. staff in their office to give a preliminary check and try to resolve the problem on the spot. I had some colleagues in Shenzhen office today, not to mention the full-time staff there, employed just because those people there are such a bunch of baboons. Before I could finish my sentence, last I heard was some grumbling on the other end and the drop of the phone.

Those baboons... I had people pulling the plugs on the network hubs because they needed a point to charge their mobile phones, accidentally moved wireless APs such that the cables came off and people trying to install pirated softwares. In China, as long as nobody gets killed it is considered legal. And don't bother with courtesy. It doesn't pay~

Come to think about it, it has been 8 months since I heard that magic advice : "Control your temper". In all these years working in HK and Singapore, army, logistics or I.T., this must have been the single most difficult year in my life. And the worst thing is, the year is still not over. If I were to use the lunar calendar, there's another 3 months to go... yippee...

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