Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Hi, I'm a purchaser"

So I took my first step to being my own employer yesterday by scouring the industrial parks of HK for fashion goods at wholesale prices. Can't say I wasn't overwhelmed by the attention paid to us by the shop attendants when we told them that we were shop owners looking for new stocks. And with hundreds of shops in just 1 building, I had a lot of time facing a lot of people.

As for the assortment available to us, unfortunately summer fashion's out and winter fashion's in. Although there were still a few shops catering to the S.E.A. market, the range was remarkably smaller as compared to a few months back. Shopping for men's apparel is tough for me so don't even think that I had any idea what to get for women! Luckily I wasn't alone... *phew* else I would have been really embarassed by all the attention from the female shop attendants.

A good 3-4 hours' worth of shopping (with a seminar break in the middle) later, we were rewarded with around a 100 pieces of goods and a mighty big hole in my wallet. More shopping this weekend... at least going there with a business purpose sure makes the time there easier on me...

If there's any line of apparel which you would like me to bring into Singapore, feel free to drop a comment. Better if there are pictures.

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