Thursday, October 2, 2008

How do Hongkongers view 1st October?

I lead a team of less than 10 local staff in HK. I randomly chose 2 and asked them if they felt any national pride when they saw the fireworks last night. One told me he didn't watch it and wasn't interested at all. The 2nd told me that she didn't feel a tinge of emotion throughout. To them 1st October was like any other public holidays in HK, another day off.

They were not interested to see the garrison troops march nor watch any performances by the civil services. They both felt that the whole event was another of the HK SAR Government's effort to "polish the motherland's boots". The whole fireworks display was a show for Beijing. Cannot disagree with them there... from the music to the fireworks, many segments of the fireworks display were copied from the opening of the Beijing Olympics. But why bother to mimic something which we have all seen?

My staff actually feel more for 1st July (the day the British returned HK sovereign to China in 1997), not because it signified the return to Chinese rule, but because on that day there will be a protest march and its smarter to avoid certain places...

Are there any locals or foreigners out there with a different view of the fireworks?

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