Thursday, October 2, 2008

How I spent 1st October...

So there were no dolphins to be seen... And the visit to Ma Wan park was more than disappointing. Dinner was expected but still terribly disappointing. The highlight of the show was the fireworks on top of Victoria Harbour... which looked more impressive on TV. I guess the most memorable thing about yesterday's trip was the endless hours spent on the boat.

Come to wonder about this point : How much did all those fireworks cost? What if Singapore scrap the parade and just shoot fireworks? Whats the real point of the fireworks? To show that they have the money to shoot fireworks? For the people on the street to enjoy? To give the locals a sense of belonging?

I hope they will never do something like that in Singapore. Plain shooting fireworks is a very shallow effort. How much effort did it take to do something like that? Practically nothing in terms of citizen participation. Just bring out the police to patrol the streets and waters, spend crazy money on pyrotechnic specialists and you get yourself a national day fireworks display.

I for one would love to see a national parade here in the SAR. I know they don't have an army, no fighter jets and no tanks but they do have the air service, a regiment from China and alot of bankers~ A street parade along Central before the fireworks display will be quite a show~

Catch this fireworks display from Singapore NDP 2008


littlecartnoodles said...

According to today's SCMP, last night's fireworks cost HK$4m (approx S$720k)

I did not watch it at all. Was it 23 minutes long (read this somewhere) ? Normally my fascination begins to wear off after 5 mins ...

It'd certainly be a nice change for the PLA garrison in HK to participate in more public activities. 11 years after the handover, the majority of HKers no longer view them with suspicion.

I see the PLA's black Audis (licence plates beginning with "ZG", probably Zhu4 Gang3, "stationed in HK") in Central/Admiralty now and then. They certainly drive like they're back on the mainland ... ...

WhiteDuskRed said...

That's more like S$740k according to the exchange rates this morning. After the whole light show was over one can't help but feeling empty... 23 minutes later what did that S$740k achieve?

The fireworks for the NDP parade was the finale of a 2-hour show. Call it propaganda or whatever you like but it is the crescendo of an event which makes me proud.

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