Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How much freedom?

It seems like no one complains whenever there is an excess of something. Only a lack of something will bring about unhappiness. People complain of not having enough money to spend or not earning enough. I have never heard of people saying anything like "I have too much to spend, please take my money". I hope someone will prove me wrong and introduce me to this person as well.

Money is tangible stuff (unless you are talking about those credit and Lehman bonds). You can check your bank account and the stock market to assess how much you are worth. But what about freedom? Many foreigners tell me that there is not enough freedom in Singapore. And then a few months ago I got visitors from US telling me that they want to send their kids to Singapore for studies because there is too much freedom in the States.

Read somewhere that a couple of weeks ago someone was calling for Obama's head and calling him a terrorist. I guess if he is a terrorist then he shouldn't be allowed to run for presidency, no? Obviously someone out there is really stupid. Anyway, those people who wanted Obama's head or called him a terrorist would be sitting in jail if they were in Singapore. Libel suit + threats. A long time in jail. But since they are not in Singapore, I hope they will be allowed to run free in America. It is the land of the free afterall~

It will be interesting to see something like that happening in HK. I guess they won't get into trouble as long as they don't offend the cartels.

Freedom in HK = pornography for the masses, say what you want because we won't bother anyway~

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