Sunday, October 19, 2008

I love Liverpool, it gives me a good heart massage~

Apart from keeping myself stupidly busy in the office, I've been following alot of soccer these days. I've resisted betting against Liverpool even though they have this habit of losing after excursions like international duties and European ties. And the match last night was a real banana skin with Zaki a really really good acquisition for Wigan. But I kept my heart strapped in its place and sat myself in front of the TV for a good match.

Boy oh boy~ did my heart get a good workout... Lost 1 stupid goal, Kuyt strikes, followed by another Zaki wonder strike with more gullible defensive work to blame. Half-time and how in the world was I to believe that Liverpool can pull so many Istanbuls in 1 season? It's not even halfway through the season!

Came second half, Rafa took out both fullbacks (absolutely right decision) and replaced them with a winger and a midfielder. Liverpool was effectively defending with 2 players in Agger and Carragher. Alonso attracted yet another reckless tackle to get another opposition player sent off, Riera struck 1 and then Kuyt made a beautiful flying scissors-kick ala the great Fandi~ If I screamed when Riera scored, I practically brought the building down when Kuyt's shot went in through the post~


Really, football don't come any better than that~ I love Liverpool~ And I love England... at least the England team that is playing under Capello these days. Getting Gerrard and Lampard to play together in one team is achievement enough~

I must say the selections of international matches on NowTV really really stinks. So many tens of international qualifiers and I only got 1 England match against Kazakstan over the last week. Com'on~ I'm paying good money for the cable and internet connection so at least try to show all the English matches!

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