Monday, October 6, 2008

Pictures from "Dolphin" trip...

So a recap of 1st October. The first thing on the agenda, get onto the board. Not before meeting this dear of a little poodle~

Utterly disappointed with the boat but one can't expect much when paying peanuts. All cautions to the wind and off we go~ 1st stop - Ma Wan Park.

Just want to highlight this particular phenomenom. You see them all over the world. Dogs and wet cement. They are meant for each other. And the paw tracks led us to Ma Wan Park. Nothing much really except for a few butterflies. No pets allowed so don't except to see any real animal roaming around the park.

Back on the ship to find dolphins. Guess what? No dolphins! What a scam! But we managed to see some flying fish~ and a lovely sunset with the Ngong Ping 360 backdrop.

After dinner in an old village in Tung Chung we made our way to Victoria Harbour for the fireworks. The bridges and skyline... the evening sky and the neon lights made use of the blurry pollution in the air, giving a surreal feel to the whole city.

And what welcomed us at Victoria Harbour was an orgy of vessels from classy speedboats to tow barges, all lined up with people waiting expectedly for the fireworks. We weren't too impressed with the fireworks. Maybe you will~ Here's a few~ Enjoy~

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