Thursday, October 2, 2008

A real waste of life...

Just read the article about the death of yet another young Singaporean serving his NS. If whatever was written on the article was true and his death was in any way related to his injury, I hope his family will just let the matter rest and not pursue the issue anymore.

What prompted him to withhold his own medical certificate? Peer pressure? Or pressure from the trainers? I'm sure many who have been through NS will get remarks from their peers or trainers about taking medical leave just to get off the tough training.

Personally I've been through that route. And it was tough. I overhear remarks here and there about faking an injury. I got posted out of the island just weeks to go before my POP. Frankly speaking, who will want to leave with only a few weeks left? There I was 3-4 weeks to POP and I got posted out, certain to return in future to re-do BMT.

So what happened in the end? I spent 2 years in unit, going through more mental shat than physical abuse, went back to BMT island and gotten best trainee and finished off my 2.5 years with an offer to sign-on as a full-time specialist (which was as attempting as getting someone to knock my head 20-30 times with a hammer, stuff me with 10 bots of vodka and burn my pubic hair ). I served my 2.5 years faithfully and did not steer my way out of any duties that were assigned to me.

If PTE Joe fell into the pressure trap, wasn't it the trainers who killed him? Wasn't it the peer pressure that killed him? In a way, that is true. However going through injury pain was not the way to prove these people wrong. The doctor gave him days off for a reason. The army medical officer won't know if he visited a specialist on his own over the weekend. He was an adult and fully responsible for his own actions. Being a hero wasn't an example of being responsible.

My condolences to his family...

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