Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Where am I? I smell China~

Was in Zhuhai for meeting today. Leaving from HK this morning with me was 3 women. Fantastic Yin energy throughout the trip. Been some time since I been to China. When was the last time? I cannot remember exactly, probably 3 months ago, and another few months before that. I remember the time when we would travel to Shenzhen 1-2 times a month for food and spa, and then a few more trips a month for business and even exams. Somehow, over the years, China lost all its attractions with the more expensive Yuan, unreliable food source and Olympic restrictions.

Anyway, back to the trip. The ferry ride was pretty much incident free, at least for me~ Stepped into any part of China and the first thing that tells you that you are in China? The smell... I suspect that the smell comes from the water source, something which they add to the water to process it. If not to kill germs, then at least to mask whatever smell/color that they don't want us to see. Cross the border at Lowu and you smell it. Cross Lok Ma Chau? There as well. And there it was in Zhuhai as well~

The company car fetched us from the ferry terminal and it was less than 15 minutes before we were sitting in the conference room of Zhuhai office. Meeting meeting meeting and soon it was lunch~ One of our HK colleagues working in Zhuhai brought us to a place selling authentic Hubei food. Fresh ingredients, authentic spicy taste and great price! Around 8 dishes + 1 1.5L bottle of Coke + 10 bowls of rice cost just RMB200~ With our fiery tummy we headed back to the office for 2nd round of meeting before we set off for the 4pm ferry back to HK~

Throughout the 1-hour ride I was playing Pipe Mania on the NDS. Good news for you folks out there because there's a PSP version as well~ Highly addictive and hours of fun~ Not sure if they have multiplayer gameplay available... will try it tonight~

Reached HK, had a haircut, had dinner, reached home and started to play Canyon Defense on Miniclips.com.

Watched Man Vs Wild before bed. He ate a snake. No knife no whatever he just cut off the poisonous parts of the snake and started chewing on the snake. Bear Grylls is my hero~

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