Thursday, November 6, 2008

Down down down~~~

True to form, the stock markets came crashing down again. People were still questioning my foresight at 9am this morning. By 10:30am they were believers. Frankly speaking if the economy has been doing pretty well, Obama's win would have the indexes shooting through the roof. Too bad for me. Too bad for Ma Ying-jeou as well. They took/are taking over a pile of **** and for the remainder of their term in office they will be clearing shit more than making any improvements.

Been eating well these few days with uncle in town. A little bit too well. I'm sure I saw some undigested shreds of something in my **** last night. Oh well... Sushi on Monday, Steamboat on Tuesday, roasted goose last night and more Chinese food tonight. Really great to have a travelling partner when one retires. Really glad for my uncle that he has a friend who will travel with him ever so often.

Really don't know whats going to happen down the road. Hopefully the economy will start looking better come February next year, otherwise...

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